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Output Framerate

Setting this to a lower framerate than the input framerate will make the GIF play slower than the input video. Setting it to something higher will speed it up. The technical maximum framerate for GIFs is 100 FPS, however web browsers and Discord only support up to 50 FPS.

Number of Colors

Reducing the number of colors can reduce the GIFs' file size and also produce some interesting effects when reduced enough. GIFs can technically support way more than 256 colors, but Discord limits them to 256 when displayed anyway.

Dither Scale

Lower values will make the dither pattern more noticable, but will better deal with color banding.


The clip will play backwards.

"Perfect" Loop

Creates a copy of the clip, reverses it, then adds it to the end of the GIF.

Palette Generation Algorithm

Median Cut is the default. It will usually make the best palette for the clip.

Mean Cut is experimental. It might result in better palettes in some cases, but is probably worse overall.

Grayscale is always locked to 32 colors. These are all of the bitcrushed grayscale colors GIFs can use in Discord.

        Sep. 15, 2020 - Layer Improvements

        • Added image layers.
        • The rotation, blend mode, and opacity can now be changed for each layer.
        • Small improvements to the look of the layers sidebar.
        • Fixed some small bugs related to layers.

        Sep. 14, 2020 - Options Menu

        • Added the Options menu, which can be used to configure the GIF creation process.
        • Added support for any framerate up to 50 FPS for output GIFs, and any up to 60 FPS for input videos, instead of just 24 or 30.
        • Added an option for using a different output framerate compared to the input framerate.
        • Added an option for changing the number of colors in the output GIF.
        • Added an option for changing the dither scale (pattern visibility).
        • Added an option for reversing the output GIF.
        • Added an option for "perfect looping" the output GIF.
        • Added an option for changing the palette generation algorithm.
        • Fixed a bug with the color quantizer, where it would pick the wrong color if there wasn't a near enough color in the palette.

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